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Email with SUBMISSION: [Your Name] as the subject line.

In the body of the email, please list out:

  1. Your full name, your age, and your current location. 
  2. Attach 10 of your best photos (or videos) to be featured on the site. Remember, these don't have to be just concert shots. If you have killer band portraits, or behind the scene/ on-the-road photos, feel free to send us those. Whatever separates your work from others! You can send a mix of both photos and videos, but don't send more than 10 total. Allow us access to download the photos via Dropbox or Google Drive (only .jpg or .png files under 20MB, please). Make sure the link you provide grants us access to your photos, if we need to request permission to access them, we can't consider you. If you're sending videos, only send us a link. 
  3. Link us to your website/ portfolio and your Instagram handle. 
  4. Detail your tour availability. For example, if you're available now versus the Fall. Be as specific as possible. It's also ok to only be available for local shows! 
  5. List your contact information (your phone number and/ or preferred email address). 

Here's a great example: 

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You will be contacted if we are interested in featuring your work for viewers, artists, and management alike. 

Disclaimer: This site is dedicated to help photographers/ videographers shoot on tour and/or shows in their area, however, there is no guarantee. We are simply trying to help you get better connected and this site is still at a very early stage. Remember: you should still bust your ass and work hard to meet people no matter what. This is a very tough industry. However, if you are starting out and just need a little bump for someone to see your work, please feel free to submit. 

If the following guidelines are not met, we cannot consider you to be featured. By submitting your work, you are allowing Shoot on Tour to feature your work to bands/ artists/ managers alike on this website and our social media @shootontour. We will always credit your work with your name. 

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